Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop – Week #5

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Prompt:  The Perfect Bathroom

This one is easy.  I occasionally watch the show, Bath Crashers, where they wait at a home improvement store until they find someone who will let them come in and redo their bathroom over the weekend.   They are always pretty cool – I mean if you have $10,000, you can do a lot!!!!  BUT this one was exceptional.

It was called a Nature-Inspired Eco-Bath.  Oh my lord, I can’t even tell you how cool it is.  You have to watch the video:

First of all, the bathroom is HUGE!!!!  The features are incredible!  A copper tub that holds in the heat, sitting on a bed of stones; a body dryer on the wall so you don’t need towels anymore; a garden just outside the shower but with privacy walls so it’s almost like you are taking a shower outside but no one can see you; stone sinks, beautiful wood counters.  It’s overwhelming cool and I would LOVE to have it in my home…one can always dream, right?

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