Colors in Doodling!

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I did a little research on what message colors convey when doodling. Heavily shaded areas can mean a somber mood, light shading can convey sensitivity while bright colors are cheerful.

Here is what I found!  Thought I would share.

Red: connected with energy and bring out strong feelings such as love or anger.

Pink: warmth, compassion and sensitive

Orange: powerful, intense and dynamic energy

Yellow: stimulates the mind, creating excitement or fear

Green: change, relaxation or growth

Turquoise: self-control and pride or calm detachment

Blue: peace, trust, loyalty or spirituality

Purple: integrity, dignity and authority

Violet: inspiration and spirituality

Brown: down-to-earth practicality and reliability

Black: facts, discipline, serious or gloomy

The doodle picture below are doodles I drew with my computer and new wacom tablet!!


Digital Doodle Flowers Call Out Digital Doodles


Here are a few doodles I hand drew and colored.

Birthday Doodle Color

Doodle Daisy Color


I really hope you have enjoyed doodling with me as much as I have sharing with you!


Tonya LoveI chose to write and share about doodling because it helps to bring me to a place of creativity, reduce my stress and I now that I have learned to doodle digitally I can add them to my digital scrapbooking!

My current life’s journey is winding down a new path, as I navigate through some major life changes I find myself doodling and coloring. Art for me has always been a way for me to celebrate and remember this thing we call life!  You can check out my new website at It is under construction and I will be adding downloadable digital templates soon.  Hope you enjoy it!

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