I’m Grateful For…Or Am I?

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gratitudeI’ve been feeling a little off for a couple of months, which I’ve mentioned after realizing what the cause was and how to shift it.  It was that my daily emails from grateful160.com had stopped…those daily reminders asking me what I was grateful for had stopped.  I hadn’t realized how reliant I had become on them to stay in that space of gratitude in my life.  I’d been getting them for a long time…over a year…every single day.  Enough time to develop a habit, right?

Well, yes and no.  My habit was responding to those emails.  Somehow, I didn’t even realize at first that they were missing.  Once I did, I tried to re-sign up but that didn’t work either so it’s clearly a glitch in their system and now I need to develop a strategy that works for me.

And there it is…a new challenge on Facebook.  40 days of gratitude.  Perfect, right?  Again, yes and no.  It has helped me to get back on track for sure and that’s a good thing.  I’ve posted daily what I’m grateful for and I feel really good to be back in that mindset.  I can feel things shifting already…it’s almost instantaneous. And I’ve done so by staying out of the group as much as possible.

I know that sounds odd but here’s the thing.  I noticed right away that a lot of posts from other people looked like this…

  • “Even though today totally sucks, I’m grateful I’m alive.”
  • “I’m just in a bad space and as much as I’d like to be grateful, I just don’t have it in me.”
  • “While I don’t have all I want, I’m grateful for..”
  • “Right now I’m feeling **insert crappy feelings here** but I’m grateful for…”

And sadly, I found myself needing to share my post, do my best to read a few other positive posts and step away.  Can you feel the difference in the comments above compared to these…

  • I’m grateful to be alive.
  • I’m grateful for this group and the opportunity to consider being grateful every day.
  • I’m grateful for…period.

When the statement includes anything except what you are grateful for, it cancels itself out.  It defeats the purpose.  It hurts my heart.  It really does.

I know personally the power of being grateful and the power of not being grateful.  I’ve been there and it’s not a feeling I want to spread around the world.  The more I focused on what sucked, the worse it got.  The more I focused on what I was grateful for, no matter how simple or small it seemed, the more my life began to shift.

A year of grateful160…a year of change…a year of power…a year of growth…a year of creating a business, a home, a family, a life that I am proud of and truly love and am grateful for every single day.  All because I chose to express true gratitude every day.  Yes, I had days where all I could muster was that I was grateful I was able to get out of bed or just grateful for the shower I decided to take…and I was truly grateful for those things.  And now I have so much more to be grateful for.

Here’s what I’ve learned…

  • Focus only on the gratitude piece…leave the “buts” and the “ands” at the door.
  • Do it every single day.
  • Let it be a solitary practice in terms of finding a routine that works for you and you alone.  It’s great to share what you are grateful for AND being reliant on someone else’s system is probably not the best way to live a life of gratitude long term.
  • You must be grateful for the life you have to get the life you want.
  • Be as specific as possible…why are you grateful for a friend or family member or your home?  What makes them/it so wonderful.
  • Look for new things to be grateful for every day.
  • And, yes, I truly am grateful for everything in my life.

What does your gratitude practice look like?  What works for you?

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