Silence of the Night

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This was written as a part of my journey with Jess Morrow’s Invincible Summer Writing eCourse in 2012.  I wanted to share it here with you now.

starry skytoday i choke
on the silence of the night
darkness envelops me
feeling lost in the abyss

off the grid
can’t breathe
can’t see
can’t find my way

panic sets in
feeling disconnected
from all that surrounds me
not knowing what that might be

fear lies in the unknown
fear lies in the unseen
the fear consumes me
panic sets in

can i learn to find comfort
in the darkness that embraces me
as it holds me safe
from any harm

can i learn to trust
the glitter in the sky
there to remind me
loved ones are watching over

can i learn to find joy
in the unknown
like a child as she wakes
on Christmas morn’

today i choke on the darkness
today i fear the unrevealed
today i dread what i cannot see
today i approach with trepidation

today i will begin
to see the possibilities
that reside in the mystery
in the silence of the night

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