Feeling Trapped?

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trappedUggg!  I’ve been such a bad blogger lately.  The new business has been crazy busy as we get up and running (always more to do that we think) and the consulting business is going really well too.  It’s easy when life gets overwhelming to feel trapped and I’m really uncomfortable with that feeling.  I’ve done so much in my life to create a sense of freedom and, as much as I love what I have going on, I’m missing some of that freedom right now.  It feels like summer is half over and I’ve kayaked once and road my bike once.  We’ve camped three times and cancelled two other trips.

This weekend, a magical post showed up in my inbox and it really helped me put things in perspective.  I wanted to share it with you today in hopes, if you too are feeling trapped, it may help lighten your load.

My awarenesses, after reading the article, are:

I am currently working on what’s important to me.  I love my work and it brings me joy to be able to do what I love.  I need to make some more time for the other things I love as well and I’m working on that right now.  I am very aware of what is working and what isn’t and that goes back to working on bring more balance to my days.  I want to show up as the best that I can be and I know what it requires in my life for that to happen.  That is a priority for me.

What’s not working in your life right now?  Are you willing to make a change?


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