Life Can Be Challenging

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Gas EmptyI’ve been working a lot.  I feel like summer is half over and I’ve gone bike riding once and kayaking once.  We’ve camped a few times but also cancelled a couple of trips.  As someone who is constantly harping about the importance of always making time for things that nourish and fulfill us, I feel like I’m totally failing.

I’m staying up and working way to late at night.  I’m not doing enough of the things I enjoy.  I feel more anxious than normal (while I have been diagnosed with a severe chronic anxiety disorder, I generally manage it pretty well)…it’s been kind of tough.

Of course, the reason behind the lack of summer fun is a good one.  Starting a new business and this time frame was important so I ran with it.  I knew the risks and felt it was the best decision for me to make.

But the truth is I feel like I’m running on empty most days by the time the day is over and it’s not getting replenished at a fast enough pace.

I knew it was time to take a step back and force some positive action into my daily routine so when I got an email from Mama Gena about 3 Survival Steps for When Life Sucks (which isn’t the right language to use about my life right now but how I feel about my balance), it was the perfect trigger to move me to action.

My favorite one of her survival steps is the one about turning on the darkness.  We do have a tendency to run away or ignore things that don’t feel good in our lives.  Sitting with how I feel and just paying attention has been a powerful tool in my life these past few years and will continue to be a tool I use frequently…as much when things don’t feel good as when they do.  Sitting in gratitude for all that is wonderful is very powerful as well.

What survival technique here is your favorite or do you have something different you find to really help when life takes you by the balls and shakes your world upside down?

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