Coat of Arms

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coat of armsHere’s a creative activity that allows you to explore and highlight what makes you special. This is definitely “anything goes” so let your imagination soar. You are a unique and fabulous individual with much to offer the world.  Display it through a personalized Coat of Arms!

Use words or images…your choice…just have fun with it.  Need some inspiration?  Check out Google.

Last summer we did this activity in my Intention Circle.  We used the individual areas to list all they ways we rocked.  Think about who you are…what you do well in business…what you do well in your family…what others compliment you on…what you enjoy…there are no limits to what you can include…just enjoy the process.

When you are done, display it proudly…share it with others if you want!  Need something to get you started?  Here’s a blank one you can print.

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