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This was an interesting week.  It had some highs and some low but over all it was a good one.  I’ve been crazy busy with work and longing for some down time so I’m looking forward to a family gathering and a grad party this weekend to get me out of the house and away from the computer!  Here are a few highlights of my week!

This amazing bird kept flying back and forth in the courtyard.  It seemed so free and I enjoyed watching how effortless it seemed to glide through the air, every so often flapping those big wings.

Bird in Flight

Baby ducks aren’t really babies as you saw last week but I was still surprised by their aggressiveness towards this lone bird sharing whatever they were eating on the ground.  I envisioned an assertiveness class being taught by the geese in some private corner of the complex LOL.


Down the road a ways, I pass by this artwork in someone’s yard.  It’s been there as long as I can remember – before I lived in the area even – and I’ve always loved it.  I love it for so many reasons.  I love that they have filled their yard with what makes them happy, including the pink Adirondack chairs in the garden.  I love their crazy wind chimes with garlands of crystals hanging from it, in what appears to be, a haphazard nature but I suspect was very well planned out.  I love that I think about spin-art from my childhood every time I look at the colorful artwork and tie-dye in bright, vibrant colors, which I also love.  It just makes me smile.

The sun and Tie DyeI also got the courage to share with someone how I really felt about something that had happened.  What I shared was a really big deal and something I have had a hard time sharing in the past with them without including a whole lot of anger with my words.  This time, I took a few hours to calm down and think about what I really wanted to say and then I shared.  It felt really good and it seemed as though a bunch of things shifted in a very positive way the next day so I think this was a big internal shift for me.

I went grocery shopping last weekend and made some great purchases and have been eating yummy salads and omelets and such all week.  It’s been fabulous!

I discovered a new way to use an old tool that I’m really excited about and my new blogging group I’ll be offering soon to share comments for bloggers is almost ready to go.  I’ve got a great group of people who are going to help me test everything out and then I’ll be rolling out to the public!  I can’t wait!!

So how was your week??  What was your strongest moment?

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