My Little Bliss List

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I’m joining the party over at Choosing Beauty and creating a list of all those wonderful moments in my week.  Here we go:

  1. I’m grateful for a week of supportive times with my family.  I love that even when people know they aren’t right to be together, they can be kind, warm and caring towards each other.
  2. I had an absolute blast setting up several new sites for a wonderful group of bloggers.  Its such an honor to be able to do the techie side of the set up and watch the DIY artist in each of them explode.
  3. I had an entire week free of meetings, allowing me to get a massive amount of work done and play a little too!
  4. My cat loves me and I’m grateful for the cuddle times we shared.
  5. I’m happy American Idol is back and they seem to be focusing on more of the good singers, or maybe that’s just the place I’m in and all I see.
  6. Lovin’ my Gray Market class!
  7. I’m especially grateful for time to reflect on my blissful moments and I look forward to watching them multiply.
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