The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

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ShantiLast night I did it.  I installed the Pinterest widget on my website here.  Pinterest is my guilty pleasure, an addiction of sorts.  It’s a place I’m totally just me.  I pin what I want to pin and I don’t care what anyone thinks.  Yep, I’ve got some inappropriate things pinned in there.  I’ve also got a ton of foodie kind of things pinned and creative projects and words of wisdom and things that crack me up for days – the laugh out load by myself kind of cracking up – after I find them.

I had a brief moment of wondering whether I was ready to let everyone see those pieces I only reveal for a few and then that moment passed.  Yes, I’m standing here before you, virtually naked, baring my soul…my secret little soul. Some of my pins have swear words and some are not very nice.  Some are things I’m dying to try or to make and some are just things that inspire me.  It’s all there. And I’m okay if you look:)

If you aren’t familiar with Pinterest, here’s an overview for you.  Think of it like a room full of bulletin boards.  You can have as many bulletin boards as you want and call them whatever you want.  Anything you find on the internet, you can pin it to a bulletin board for future reference.  Its an ADDers dream!

Oh, and the cat here, she’s my baby.  Her name is Shanti and I love her more than just about anything.

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