My Little Bliss List

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joyIt’s time again to reflect over the past week and share those moments of bliss.  It’s been an interesting week, to say the least, so here is my little list:

  • My daughter got in her first accident.  It was very minor, only involved my car and she wasn’t hurt.  I’m so grateful she wasn’t hurt and what could have ended up costing around $1,000 (worse case scenario), ended up being an $85 repair which my ex paid for.
  • I finally took care of the oil change, headlight and air filter my car needed.  I know that may sound like a funny thing to find bliss in but it was a big deal for me.  It’s needed these things for a while and I don’t know why I wasn’t taking care of it but I kept putting it off.  I was feeling bad about myself for not taking care of it, especially since I had no good reason I wasn’t doing it.   Now it’s done.
  • I enjoyed riding around with the top down on my car yesterday with the radio turned up.  I feel so free and happy whenever I’m able to do this.
  • I got to see the baby geese several times.  There are two families now and they are so cute (the babies, not the hissing parents – although I really enjoy seeing how protective they are of the little ones).  Check out the pictures on Facebook in my photos.
  • The almost-too-sweet strawberries I found at Rainbow.  Is that possible??  They are sooo good.
  • The awesome tuna salad I made.
  • My new a/c did more to cool my place in a handful of hours than the old one did in three days!  I love how comfortable it is in here.

Thanks again, Liv, for the reminder to find bliss in every day.  If you aren’t a part of the Bliss List Hop yet, you can join in here.


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