My Bliss List

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This was definitely a blissful week.  There were a few moments of heaviness but otherwise I have just been on top of the world.  Great new clients coming in…enjoying life…wrapping up unfinished cycles…it’s all good.  Here are a few highlights:

A trip to the farmers market last Saturday.

Exploring someone’s garden…

I also attended a symposium on Wednesday and got see a bunch of people I love that I hadn’t seen in a long time, had an awesome lunch with my wonderful Intention Circle, got new shelves in my garage built by my ex (how nice is that?!?!), made a few great meals (love cooking sometimes!), and a nice evening out watching birds enjoy the bird feeders.

A big thank you to Liv for the reminder to seek our bliss each week.bliss list badge

What bliss showed up in your week?

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