Prosperity Blooms Wrap Up

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This past week, we finished another round of Prosperity Blooms, an ecourse with daily prompts and creative activities around the concepts of prosperity, abundance and the flow of life.  I always enjoy this course so much and love all the interaction in the group discussion.  It’s inspiring to hear about the successes people are having as they experience the process.

Prosperity and financial health are key aspects to having a solid foundation for your life.  While the state of your finances is just a reflection or metaphor for the state of your life, prosperity is about really being open to receiving, being open to the flow and removing limiting beliefs.

Here are some of the success people shared this round:

Kathy Anne had her beautiful artwork featured at over at the Brave Girls Club.

Sue has gone through all kinds of growth over at In Lilith’s Grove.  The clarity she has achieved is remarkable!

Brenda’s first ecourse offering started today!  Check it out at Silver Unicorn Creations.  Have you danced naked in the rain lately?

Others experienced lower car repair bills, new clients, won tickets to events they wanted to attend, more commissions, higher income and someone even left their job to pursue something they love.

One way students can work with the prompts is through art…

Susan Lobb-Porter shared this piece with the group:

Others shared journal entries and art as well.

Each and every time I go through this course with a group of students, I find my life shifting in so many positive ways.  Making room for new things to come in…great clients…more money…greater satisfaction overall with my life!  I am so grateful for these shifts and can’t wait to do it again!!  I better get working on our upcoming calendar of events!

Wishing you much prosperity and happiness in your life!

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