That Still Small Voice Inside

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purple stars and intuitionWith grace and ease, I listen to the small voice inside of me.  It provides direction and meaning to things that may not make sense otherwise.  Sometimes the meaning is as simple as knowing I can trust this voice to always steer me in the right direction and all I need to do is be still myself and wait for the answer to appear.  This voice has gotten stronger over the past year, guiding me to make some tough decisions in my life and take action to move forward.  It has never taken me down the wrong path.

I haven’t always lived in a space of trusting or listening.  In fact, there was a time I didn’t really understand what trust was and I was so desperate to be heard, filled with the pain of being silenced.  Many factors have created the internal shift, allowing me to now “just know” whatever I need to know in the time frame I need to know it and I fully trust it.  It’s a beautiful space to be.

In this space, I find patience and peace.
In this space, I find happiness and hope.
In this space, I watch my life unfold with amazement and wonder.
In this space, I am whole again.
In this space, I am me.

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