My Bliss List

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Here we are again after a crazy week!  Lots of positives and feeling a bit overwhelmed, in a good way.  Here’s my list:

  • sproutI heard back from Amanda at Sprout Online Magazine and I will be in the next issue of Sprout (which will be all about joy) PLUS I’ll be featured in her Community Garden section so I’ll be in there twice!  I can’t wait.
  • I still love watching the geese grow.  It brings out my inner child.  They are getting so big.
  • Week two is coming to a completion on my ecourse and I’m really enjoying the process with everyone.   Some great online courses are going to come out of this class!
  • If you read last week’s post, good news, my caller ID no longer reads Huong Tha Duon when I call someone.  It actually shows me now!
  • Had my accountability check in with my friend, Tonya, Friday night and, after sharing all I had accomplished, I really had to say WOW.  I knew I’d been busy and lots of it was on behind-the-scenes business stuff but I had no idea how much I had actually completed until I went through it all.  Yay!
  • Looking forward to some R+R this weekend.
  • Had an awesome time Thursday with my friends, Karen Karsten and Mickey Mikeworth, and a new friend, also named Michelle, at a Wine and Canvas event.  It was held at Dixie’s in St. Paul and we had a great time laughing and painting.  I highly recommend one of these events if you get a chance to attend. PS No my picture didn’t turn out.  I thought we were going to have more time to finish the grassy area but we didn’t get more time so I have one layer that’s too light by far for the grass.  Doesn’t matter, though, because I had such a good time.

So sorry there aren’t more photos.  I’ll add if I can and the important thing was to share my bliss:)

Thanks again to Liv Lane for the reminder to remember and celebrate the blissful moments of my week.

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