Basic Doodling

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What is doodling?

To me doodling is many things and can be very artful. Did you ever scribble aimlessly as a child or draw randomly as an adult while in a meeting? I have! I remember taking the scribbles and coloring it in to make some sort of design. I love how anyone can take an idle moment while their focus is somewhere else and create something artful without trying!

Are there rules to doodling? I don’t believe there are!

Do you share your doodles with others? After writing and doodling for this challenge I will be sharing more now!

Where do you doodle? Only meetings? While on the phone? In the car waiting to pick up your kids? The best thing is that you can doodle anywhere!

What does doodling do for you? Relax? Retain information better at a meeting or in class? Get your creative juices flowing? Fill time when your bored?

I have found one simple way to create random doodles is to draw/scribble for five to seven seconds without lifting up your pen and end your doodle at the same spot you started.
Than you can start to fill in your doodle any way you want! Use shapes such as hearts, circles, squares, triangles, or stripes and dots, whatever comes to mind.

Remember it is not about “what” you create, it is about “how” you create. Remember to relax, have fun and enjoy the “process”!

Here are a few of mine!


1st Digital Doodle This is my very first digital black and white doodle!





Random Doodle This is a random doodle I created while my youngest daughter was learning how to put contacts in for the first time!





Meeting Doodles I just had to share one of my weekly doodles I create while in our staff meeting at work!





Message from Tonya

Tonya LoveI chose to write and share about doodling because it helps to bring me to a place of creativity, reduce my stress and I now that I have learned to doodle digitally I can add them to my digital scrapbooking!

My current life’s journey is winding down a new path, as I navigate through some major life changes I find myself doodling and coloring. Art for me has always been a way for me to celebrate and remember this thing we call life!  You can check out my new website at It is under construction and I will be adding downloadable digital templates soon.  Hope you enjoy it!

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