Kindergarten Revisited

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For this exercise you will need a piece of white paper and some crayons or colored pencils or a pencil.

Pretend you are the five-year-old in kindergarten, and your teacher has given you this paper and crayons with which to draw a picture. The teacher instructs you to draw one of your childhood scenes. This can be a picture of anything, your house and yard growing up, a favorite imaginary scene, you can include your home, boats and water, mountains and trees, whatever you would like. When you are finished with your drawing, turn your paper over and take a deep breath.

Read this part after you have finished your drawing

Now turn your paper face up and study your drawing. Notice that it has perfect balance, perfect composition. Look how you balanced the objects on the left with the objects on the right. Look at the colors you chose and see how they fit well together. How does it happen that as a five year old we can use perfect composition?


Good composition, choice of colors and balance are innate to us. They do not need to be taught. Our intuition, even at an early age knows where things should go in the rectangle (piece of paper) to balance them.

Message from Joanie

Joanie FordArt to me is drawing … sometimes. Drawing is an invention of what I can see this day. It is not a copy of something I think I see. It is a life long education … a study of technique and the world around me. There is so much to draw and to see.  Check out my website at  You can see work from myself and many of my students.  New classes will be available this fall.

What does Art mean to you?

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