47 Life Lessons I’ve Learned Series

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Tomorrow I begin the series, 47 Life Lessons I’ve Learned. The idea came from a blog post by Naomi at Poetic Aperture.  She created a wonderful blog post about the life lessons she’s learned and I set out to follow suit, only to realize it felt better to do one lesson a day, each day leading up to my birthday.

Minnehaha Creek

Minnehaha Creek August 10, 2013
Taken during a bike ride around Lake Nokomis, the creek and a visit to Minnehaha Falls.

What you’ll find in this series of posts will vary.  Some will be short and speak briefly of a lesson I learned.  Others will be longer and go into more detail.  This is because I want them all to flow vs. feeling forced at times when the creative juice or desire to share may not be as strong for me.  Yes, that’s a bonus lesson for today…go with the flow.You’ll also find my photography in many posts…as many as possible.  I am hoping I will have something that fits for every post but, who knows, I may not and I am…going with the flow.  If I don’t have something, that’s okay and I’ll find something else.

While many of these lessons have been learned over a lifetime, many of them are new to me.  These past couple of years have included a lot of transformation for me and transformation brings about lessons.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey, leading up to my 47th birthday on September 30th.  Who knows? Maybe you will be inspired to create something of your own.

30 day challenge

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