Life Lesson 1: Beliefs are Bullshit

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Beliefs are bullshit.   This has been a huge one for me and I will share some of those beliefs throughout these lessons.  I cannot believe how many decisions in life I have made based on beliefs I held that weren’t true.  Beliefs change based on our experiences, our perspective and all the information we take in from all the places information is available in the world.  They are not meant to be held tightly at all costs.  They are meant to shift…to transform, as more information becomes available…as we grow and come into who we really are rather than who we thought we needed to be or who we were told we were.

dragonflies and transformation

Dragonfly photo taken along the Cuyuna Trail
July 2013

Most of our beliefs are acquired before we are 7 years old.  We are like a little sponge through that age, soaking up whatever anyone tells us.  We accept these beliefs as our own and, often, never question them.  I like to question.  I like to explore.  I like to know that what I believe has a healthy purpose (at this point in my life – that wasn’t always the case) and serves me well.  I don’t want to make decisions based on beliefs that hold me back, keep me safe and don’t allow me to grow as a person. I recently went through a bit of a hard time when I realized how many of my beliefs about relationships, specifically, were bullshit and how I had spent my entire life building relationships based on the bullshit.  I missed out on a lot.  I made a lot of mistakes.  It was in this space that I discovered the true importance of asking myself…

  • Where did this belief come from?
  • Is it even mine?
  • Do I have new information that might shift this belief?
  • Does it allow me to live in the moment?
  • Is it for my greatest good?

Right after I wrote this, I took a quick break and headed on over to Facebook to see what was going on there.  I came across a short video with Byron Katie and thought you might enjoy it.

What beliefs would you like to let go of today?
30 day challenge

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