4 Reasons Your Business Needs A Dresser Today

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dresserFor the past several months, my daughter’s been asking for a dresser.  She’s been using a different type of organization system and now wants to switch.  I’ve been hesitant because she’s been looking at one’s that are a bit spendy and I really felt her tastes would be changing for the next couple of years and didn’t think it made a lot of sense to spend a lot on a style that may be temporary for her.

After all these months, I told her it was time to get a dresser.  I told her I couldn’t spend another day listening to her talk about it as we laughed about how much energy it was taking up.  I shared with her my concerns and she actually said I was right on and we should go in another direction.  She went on craigslist and in a very short time had found a dresser that would work well for her needs, looked a lot like what she wanted and could easily be painted white like she wanted it to be.  AND it was only 8 miles away. BONUS!!

She had to head to work so I called the ex to see if he could help with his truck.  The people selling the dresser used to live in the same town I grew up in…went to the same high school…was just a few years older than me.  We knew some of the same people.  Every time I think I shouldn’t be amazed anymore by how small the world is, I’m still amazed.

We bought the dresser, loaded up the truck and headed home.  Now there is a dresser in my garage, ready for sanding, painting and maybe some new knobs.

Not buying her a dresser sooner cost me:

  1. Time in conversations that went nowhere.
  2. Energy in thinking about how to address my concerns with her and being frustrated about the whole situation.
  3. Money on more pieces for her old system she liked, that she’d outgrown, that will now take up residency in my garage most likely.
  4. Space to store all those bins no longer needed.

Your business is the same way.  When something is nagging you to be taken care of, it costs you time, energy, money and space by not taking care of it.  All resources that could have been spent on something that gives you more time, energy, money and space to support your success.

What’s been nagging at you lately?  Are you willing to address it today?

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