Getting Closer to Your Goals

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goalsAbout a month ago, I had an opportunity to provide maintenance on a site come up through a colleague.  We scheduled a call to chat about the opportunity and, after about an hour, I was completely overwhelmed and exhausted.  I won’t bore you with all the details but, between the theme that didn’t work and had been heavily customized to the need for an hour long phone call to the list of needs they had on a regular basis, all complimented with a very small budget; I knew it wasn’t the job for me. Although it would have been regular income and not that difficult, it was clearly not my ideal client.  Different work styles, a site I was unfamiliar with using a theme I didn’t know anything about and would have never used on another site…it just wasn’t a good fit.

I turned it down.  It wasn’t going to get me closer to my goals.  I know I need to find clients who have similar work styles, who I enjoy working with, and I need to work in systems that I’m familiar with or will really benefit from learning more about because these get me closer to my goals.

If your dream is to run a marathon, you probably don’t want to take a job at a donut shop, unless you have really strong willpower. And, even then, why bother?  Life is full of opportunity and sometimes we simply feel like we’re just trying to get by.  At some point you have to decide what’s really important.

Using your goals to measure whether something is a good choice for you in your life is a great tool.  Are you willing to turn an opportunity down if it won’t get you closer to your goals?  What do you want?  What will it take to get there?  And remember, like attracts like.  If you keep doing things that don’t keep you on the right path, you’ll get more of the same as you go down the road.  It’s time to make those difficult choices and make it happen!

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