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Another awesomely blissful week.

I went to Springbrook Nature Center again last Sunday for bird banding.  The birds weren’t the only thing beautiful there.

purple flowers

mosquito tree

purple flower




We also saw a woodchuck but he ran when I got up to take a picture.  Silly me.  And we had the absolutely purest pleasure of watching a Barred Owl fly from tree to tree near his mother, who we couldn’t see but knew had to be there because he wouldn’t leave the area and they are still sticking close to each other.  There are actually three babies but these babies are huge!  I wasn’t lucky enough to get a photo but found this one at so you could see what they look like…isn’t it fabulous?!?!  You can see how difficult it might be to see because they blend so well with their surroundings.  I just feel so lucky to have had this experience.

barred owl

Dinner with a good friend at one of my favorite restaurants, Russell’s on the Lake, in Big Lake.

A chance to catch up with another friend.

Progress on our project with my intern.  Love having help!!

Connecting with a great  person in one of my challenges.

Several great projects.

Birds visiting my bird feeder!

And, the best part…my killer ebay score – sheets!!!  These aren’t just any sheets.  I’ve been looking for new bedding since my move.  I wanted something that was all MINE.  I looked and looked and had many conversations about how I wish they made bedding for 11 year old girls for kind size beds because that seemed to be the category the stuff would fall under that I liked.  Bright and fun is where I’m at and I’m a big of a hippie at heart.  After a lot of looking and a trip to the mall, I was called back to the sheets I had.  I loved these sheets except they weren’t just mine and the tan and light blue colors weren’t cutting it for me anymore.  These sheets are like sleeping on…I don’t know what…but it’s dreamy.  I crawl into bed and sink down deep under the covers…I love it.  These sheets, for a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillowcases are $200…way out of my price range right now.  But on ebay, I won a set of white sheets for $30 (including shipping)!!  They are brand new, pictured below on top of my duvet…absolute love!!  So I’m going to measure up the flat sheet (hate flat sheets – always get tangled up in them) and, if it’s big enough, it’s going to become the back of my new duvet cover, saving me 1/2 the fabric I need!!!  I can’t wait to make it.  sheets

It’s the simple things…Best week ever!

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