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Janet HovdeA guest post from Janet Hovde, a gifted artist, intuitive and healer.  A big thank you for sharing herself with us.  Please be sure to check out her site.

I love working with people, individually or in groups, to develop their intuition, or access to Inner Wisdom. It’s fun to help them to identify the ways in which they receive intuitive information. It may be through any of their senses. Some people have movies unfold on a screen in their mind. Some people hear answers, which they need to discern from their thoughts, or “what I want the answer to be.” Some clients smell roses or other flowers during times of healing (without the flowers being in their physical environment). A change in body temperature may signify the presence of a loved one who has passed on. The body may tighten or move away from options that are less desirable, and may soften or feel expansive when better options are presented. Emotions can alert us to dangerous situations.

Noticing current intuition styles, setting the intention to use intuition more often, and practicing the use of intuition all help improve access to Inner Wisdom. And it is a good idea to practice on small things (door number one or door number two?) before tackling the big things.

A fun way to practice intuition is to notice what is showing up in nature. In The Healing, author Jonathan Odell’s character states, “When you got a question, first be silent. Look around you. Let creation speak the truth to you.” The other morning, when I walked by the window, a hummingbird flew into and out of my view twice. I don’t see hummingbirds very often, so I decided to do a web search for “hummingbird animal totem.” Websites about animal totems give traditional meanings associated with different animals (in native cultures, etc.). From one website comes this sentence: “Hummingbird comes when we need to spend time soaking in the love of nature so we can learn how to integrate joy into our lives.” What are the animals showing up in your life? If you look up their animal totem information, do you find nuggets of wisdom that apply to your life today?

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