Why “Radically Loving”

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When I was exploring name options, I wanted something that really embodied loving not just ourselves but the world as a whole.  Deeply and completely.

Since my focus is around the importance of always being a state of self-reflection and growth as well as using what I’ve learned to make the world a better place, loving seemed like the right term to use.

Radically, by definition, means in a thorough or fundamental way; completely.  As soon as I read that, I knew I had it…Radically Loving was born.

When I started doing my research, I felt a constant acknowledgement that I was on the right track and this really summed up well what I was all about.

In that researching process, I came across a man, Paulo Freire.  Paulo Freire was a Brazilian educator and philosopher who believe education was the best way to dismantle oppression.  His methods included encouraging students to question the teacher. He felt that most educational systems created a culture of silence where students don’t learn critical thinking in terms of their role in society.  My additional two cents is that I’m not sure they do a great job of teaching critial thinking as a whole.

Critical thinking basically means you are using logic and reason to come to a conclusion.  This skill is useful in both your every day life all the way up to the big picture of how the world around us functions and what is needed for systemic change.

One of the goals I have is to work together to improve our critical thinking skills which will allow us to have more meaningful and impactful conversations to heal and grow as a society.  I hope you will join me.