Feeding America

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Feeding the Children

1 in 6 children are hungry in the United States.  More than 12 million children live in homes where there is not enough food for all family members to get what they need.

In Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs, we must have our basic needs met to be able to move up the pyramid…to feel safe and secure, to develop healthy relationships, to learn and grow.

Paulo Freire was a Brazilian educator and philosopher who believe education was the best way to dismantle oppression.  His methods included encouraging students to question the teacher. He argued that most schools created a culture of silence where students don’t learn critical thinking in terms of their role in society.

If a child is hungry, they cannot effectively learn.  To dismantle oppression and eradicate poverty, we must ensure all children have adequate food. While hunger is an issue with many levels, there are ways to help right now.  Some of the programs out there include breakfast before school begins, lunch programs, afterschool meals, summer meals, SNAP and WIC.

Here is one way you can help – donate to Feeding America.  I first learned about Feeding America through an email from Tony Robbins.  He has donated a large amount and in July 2019 he matched donations to increase his giving even more.  There are other organizations out there and you may also choose to help in other ways such as volunteering at a kitchen that makes and serves food directly to those in need.  If you have suggestions on easy ways for people to help in this area, please share them in the comments below.