Why Be Inspired?

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I bet you thought this was going to be a sales pitch about my business, didn’t you?  Well, I hope you aren’t disappointed but it isn’t.  It’s all about why it’s so important to be inspired in your life.

  1. Inspiration is the “big picture”.  It’s the excitement and passion behind an idea.  It’s like the gas in your car – without it, the car wouldn’t run.  That car may have everything else it needs to move but without gas, it’s not going anywhere.  Disclaimer:  this part of the post is not “green” and does not take electric cars into consideration.
  2. Inspiration can last a long time and impact many areas.  Every time you think about what inspires you, you re-connect.  You feel desire, excitement, passion, in the flow, motivated.  It comes to life. You come to life.

Inspiration is so important and, yet, it isn’t always easy to come by.  Many people feel like they have no passion, no inspiration.  Sadly, many even feel like it isn’t important.  They seem content with the status quo.  You are different.  You must be or you wouldn’t be reading this.

With inspiration, you can do great things with your life.  You can make a difference.  A difference, not just for yourself, but for others as well. Most of us will spend our lives searching for something that will send us rocketing forward towards success, towards inner peace, towards satisfaction.  We buy books.  We ask others.  We feel like we have no idea what it might be that inspires us.  The truth is you have it inside of yourself already.  Sometimes it takes some digging, sometimes a lot of digging; but it’s there.  And once you find it, wow, the possibilities are now endless.

So how do you find it?  How do you tap into what inspires you?  There are many ways.  It’s important to live in the moment, to be fully present.  It’s also helpful to look inside.  As I shared, this is where you will find it.  You can find support for this by taking advantage of opportunities to be creative.  Creativity puts us in the flow and will connect us to that space within, where all things that rock are sitting.  All the things you want to bring to the front and center of your life.

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