Fearlessly Taking Foolish Risks

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Several years ago, I took a workshop called Fearless Foundation Weekend.  It was a gut-wrenching weekend of soul searching, very intense.  There were times when I felt very resistant to the work we were doing.  I was partnered with someone that I couldn’t stand.  I was separated from my friend who came with me.  I got no breaks – not a single one except the little bit of sleep we got each night.  The “breaks” we got, we were required to spend them with our partner for the weekend and one other set of people, the same group of people together the entire weekend.  I’m sure you can image how painful that was for me, especially considering the fact I am an introvert and NEED alone time.

About midway through the weekend, after talking about taking risks and how important this is for our growth, I had an opportunity to take one of my own.  I had broken away from my group a little and my friend was there at my side (at least for a bit).  We were getting an elevator to go eat, if I remember right.  So we pushed the button to call the elevator to our floor.  When it finally arrive, the doors opened, and inside there was a pretty full elevator with drunk people laughing and talking and wanting to see how full they could get it.

I took a split second, and along with a few others, jumped on board (while my friend took off in the other direction), and joined the fun.  The doors closed and we proceeded to the next floor, packed in like sardines, laughing and yelling in excitement UNTIL the elevator came to a stop and the doors didn’t open.  What a buzz kill.

A little panic set in, okay a lot.  People started trying to pry the doors open.  The details here get a little fuzzy but we ended up getting the  doors open and discovered we were not level with the floor!  We were about a foot below it.  We all climbed out as fast as we could and, once we were safe, the laughter and chatter started up again.  I felt such exhilaration!

Was it a smart move to get on that elevator?  Probably not.  Probably more on the foolish side.  Do I regret it?  No.  I’m just happy it all worked out.  Life is full of opportunities to just jump in.  Some are more successful than others but how will we know which ones will work and which ones won’t unless we try?  When then next one comes, what will you do?

In honor of April Fools Day, I invite you to take a risk today.  It doesn’t have to be a foolish risk like jumping into an overcrowded elevator full of intoxicated people.  But take a risk…try something new.  Have a blast!


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