Waking Up and Enjoying Life…Is It Enough?

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it is enoughI shared this on Facebook a while back and wanted to share it here…kind of as a way of reminding myself that it is enough…reminding myself I have much to be grateful for…and perhaps a message for you…

Yes, I’m reading Brene Brown and doing her course on Udemy. I just have one question…

When exactly did waking up and enjoying life become not enough?? Why do so many need to be “world famous”, “internationally known”, bigger, better, badder, etc.? Why are we always striving for more? And what exactly is more or enough?

I was sharing the other day how I’d achieved a lot of things that were important to me and I was quite happy about that…most of them involving a fairly simple life. I was talking about “figuring out the next step” and some wise woman (Amy Nesdahl Sheets) said, “you’ve achieved all these things…a schedule you want, some financial freedom, clients you adore, work you enjoy, hobbies you love, etc. – why can’t you just take a moment to sit with all of that and love being in that space?”

She was so right and yet, other voices tell me to keep going…keep moving to the next thing…but I’ve chosen to listen to the brilliant voice that was sitting next to me that day…and such a fitting conversation that was to get me started, now that I’m exploring some of Brene’s work (while enjoying what I’ve created here).

I want a life (and a world) where waking up and enjoying myself and my loved ones and the world around me is enough. Every. single. day. That’s what I want to continue to cultivate. Won’t you join me?

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