Unlocking Your Creativity the Bushman Way

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bottleNot too long ago, I had watched a documentary on an African tribe. A bushman from the tribe, who is not familiar with American culture, had found an empty cola bottle in the desert. The object seemed very mystical to him. It had been dropped by a pilot that was flying over. He looked over the bottle not sure as to what to think of it. He discovered that if he were to blow into the bottle it made a strange noise and he kept it as a prized possession as a musical instrument, never again in wonderment as to what it truly was for.

Many times we look over the wonders and creativity we behold. What we may consider junk truly can become a piece of art or a treasure. This exercise welcomes you to become like the bushman. Collect 5 to 12 items-look carefully at them, be creative in finding a repurpose for them, think outside the box. This activity is fun to do with a group; it is interesting to see what creative ideas others come up with for the items. It forces one to ignore the normality of everyday known things and think of new imaginative ideas and ways at looking at things.

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