What Do You Want The Universe To Believe?

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honestyIt’s a new year and time to get clear once again about what you want to attract into your life.  Have you ever told people your life was wonderful and you were living the dream but, in reality, you didn’t love your life so much?  In reality, things weren’t the way you wanted them to be?

Years ago, I hated aspects of my job and longed to be self-employed.  I was miserable in my marriage. Those in my inner circle knew.  That was it.  Everyone else thought my life was perfect.  I had a good job, a home, a family, a part time practice doing something I loved…that’s what everyone saw.

I’ll never forget the day I confided during a class to my students that some things in my life weren’t perfect.  They were shocked.  They truly believed that I had all the keys…all the answers and I was a rockstar.

Before that, I’d been afraid to share…afraid to be vulnerable…afraid to look like I wasn’t doing my work to make my life better.  God knows I was doing my work…a lot of it…hard work.  There’s also a fine line between whining about your life and saying it’s great when it really isn’t.

That fine line…

I learned a lot about being vulnerable from that experience and about being honest with myself, with others and with the Universe.  I wasn’t getting the changes I desired at that point in my life…maybe, in part, because it takes time but also I believe because I was not only telling others my life was great but, in doing so, I was telling the Universe I was pretty happy with what my life looked like so I just kept getting more of the same.

By being honest and vulnerable, I found the gift in also being clear…Here’s what’s working and I want more of that please.  These other things…not so much…so what do I want instead?  And now I can honestly say the work I’ve done is paying off.  Sometimes I think I’m a different person but I’m not…I’m just the same person without all the icky stuff.  I’m more me than I’ve ever been before and I kinda like who I am.

Do yourself a favor today.  Get real about where you are in your life.  What’s working. What isn’t. What you want more of. What you want less of.  What action do you need to take to get there.  And if your life isn’t where you want it…find a way to be honest about that.  Don’t send confusing messages to those around you or to the Universe…you’ll end up with confusing results.



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