Traits of People with True Integrity

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Integrity and the Innocence of a Child

Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

Years ago someone asked me about integrity.  She was having a hard time wrapping her head around what it actually is.  I had the same challenge and had actually done some research on it prior to that conversation so I shared what I had learned.  While the definition of integrity is to possess the quality of being honest and have a strong moral compass, how that shows up for people is very different.

I was listening to someone speak once who talked about integrity and how, when she was younger, if a cashier gave her too much change she thought it was the Universe’s way of giving her a gift…of rewarding her.  Although many might say that isn’t an action or thought that aligns with integrity, she truly believed keeping that change was a gift and hers to keep.  There was no ill-intent in her actions.  It completely aligned with where she was at that point in her life.  Years later she came to feel differently and now returns the change if too much is given.

My point is, everything we do is based on our perception of the world and how it works.  Integrity is no different.  Her space of integrity when it came to too much change was she honestly believed it was a gift and meant for her.  Over time and through personal growth, her perception of that experience changed.

This morning, an article crossed my feed on Facebook – 13 Traits of People with True Integrity.

I think the list is a great one and has some really valid points.  I couldn’t help but notice one of the points was about not taking advantage of others – is keeping too much change taking advantage?  I think it probably is but I also understand where she was at in her life.

I’d love to your thoughts.  Do you agree with this list?  How do you know when you are out of integrity in your own life?

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