Too Busy?

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too busyI’ve had the urge to update here for a while and I’m taking a few minutes to do so tonight.  I miss all of you!!

Life is good AND crazy!  We are empty nesters again and, while I miss my daughter, I am enjoying the extra space in our home.  We went on our first cruise a couple of weeks ago and had a great time.  I don’t really resonate with the cruise hype, if you will, I do really love people watching.  I also love being able to have lots of choices (living buffet-style, as my oldest likes to refer to it).  We visited St. Thomas, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, St. Maerrten, and Puerto Rico.  Talk about doing a lot in a short period of time…8 days just wasn’t enough and, yet, it was perfect.  It’s always nice to get back home and into our daily routine and I really missed my kitty and my family (who I spend a lot of time with).  Check out this post to see more pictures from our trip.

Work was crazy before I left and the busy-ness continues.  I’m looking forward to being able to tread and keep my head above water soon. I so enjoy everyone I work with and most of what I do and I feel very lucky to have all of this in my life.  I also know I need more down time, more time for joy that doesn’t involve work – time to rejuvenate.  And if there was any doubt, I received an email today with this article on how to know if you’re too busy.

I love their articles – they keep it real and remind me regularly to minimize, simplify, etc.  It’s where I find my inner peace.  Unfortunately, I’m not doing so well right now.  Every single one of the 10 signs in that article, describe my current state of being.  The only one that isn’t 100% is the one about self-care.  It’s true, I’ve been emotional eating and not getting enough sleep but I do take time to get a pedicure or a massage pretty regularly and I make occasional lunch dates with friends.  I also like to play cards, go to concerts (we’ve got a few biggies lined up here already this year), spend time with family, etc.  So that one isn’t totally out of whack.

It’s time to listen to the signs I’m too busy and my first focus will be getting my work/life organized and my to do list cleaned up so I can be more productive with the time I’m working and not feel so scattered.

How’s your life going?  Are you too busy or finding ways to maintain some balance?  I would love to hear from you.

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