Our First Cruise

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Baboon Monkey

We recently went on our first cruise.  It was our first vacation since going to Colorado last fall and much needed.  We chose this cruise because our oldest and her husband went on the same one and we knew they'd be able to provide us with some tips and it felt more comfortable this way.

I was so afraid to go as I get motion sickness and I'm a bit claustrophobic but that all turned out just fine.  No issues with claustrophobia, even on the tiny plane, and the bonine pills really helped with the motion sickness.

It was a great first cruise in the sense that we did have someone to share details with us ahead of time, the ship was a smaller one so there weren't as many choices (which may not sound like a plus but it helped us stay more focused and didn't overwhelm us).  We enjoyed good food, good music, made new friends, toured several of the islands and learned about their culture and their history, and experienced a few "firsts."  If you know anything about me, you'll know I place a high value on "firsts."  They are a key factor in experiencing joy.

If you are wondering if we'd do it again....the answer is yes.  I think there are pros and cons to all kinds of travel and I wouldn't want this to be my only form and I'm not sure I buy into the cruise culture but I'm good doing what I want and taking away the pieces that are special to me and leaving the rest behind.  I've already got a trip booked mid-summer to Cuba with my oldest and her family (my husband didn't want to go and has limited vacation time).  We've got a big trip planned for December to Aruba, Dominican Republic, Grand Turks, and Curacao.  8 days and my kids and their families are going and my brother and his family are also going.  It will be a lot of fun to all go together.

Here are a few photos from our trip.

I thoroughly enjoyed cruising.  My daughter called it a vacation buffet…a way to sample lots of different things…food, culture, people, countries, etc. and that’s the best description I’ve ever heard.  I love all the different experiences we had and would absolutely do it again.

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