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A few weeks ago I took a weekend long training on ThetaHealing and I LOVED it. I knew it was going to be like the missing piece of a puzzle for me and it truly was. I have been using it daily on myself and others with great results so I thought I’d share.

In a nutshell it works like this. The technique used by the practitioner is to enter the Theta brainwave state and then connect with our higher power and then do whatever is needed to support the client. It uses muscle testing to check feelings, beliefs, illnesses, etc. and when a challenge is found, it is removed.

One of the things I have learned is that one of the reasons change is so hard for us as adult is because our subconscious has one point of reference before we become an adult – our glorious teen years. For many of us, this is an akward time and we are hormonally challenged on top of it. We are fighting to establish an identity of our own – separate from our family and sometimes fighting against everything (or close to it) we’ve been taught. So anytime we look at changing something in our life, our subconscious says that’s scary and doesn’t feel good – maybe you shouldn’t do it. This is also why, it’s important to explore our subconscious beliefs when making a change. It can speed the rate of healing and make it a much more graceful process.

I have been using it primarily for reprogramming beliefs and healings with great success. Many of the beliefs have been around self esteem and money. We sure seem to have a lot of beliefs in these two areas that hold us back. I have FELT the difference almost immediately in every case.

Clients have shared how amazed they are at the shifts they felt as well. If you are interested in trying it, I am offering teleclass for prosperity and abundance where we explore money beliefs and this is a great, affordable way to check it out. Teleclass are available during the noon hour as well as in the evening. If you are interested, visit and click on the calendar of events.

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