The Value of Creating a Daily SELF-Motivating Routine

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How much of your time do you spend seeking motivation from external factors? How long does it last? You’ve likely discovered that external motivation has an expiration date and, frankly, it can be exhausting to always be looking elsewhere for it when you could just look inside.

Motivating yourself puts you in control of your life and helps develop a sense of self-reliance. When you rely too much on external factors for motivation, such as other people’s opinions or external rewards, you can become vulnerable to losing motivation when those factors change or disappear.

Here are a few reasons why it’s important to motivate yourself:

  1. You have more control: You’re taking responsibility for your own motivation and taking control of your own life. You’re not relying on external factors to make you feel motivated or fulfilled, which means you’re less likely to feel helpless or stuck when those factors change.
  2. You develop self-reliance: Self-reliance can be invaluable in all areas of your life. You’re learning to trust yourself and your own abilities, which can help you feel more confident and empowered.
  3. You’re more consistent: You’re more likely to be consistent in both your actions and goals.
  4. You’re more resilient: You’re developing a sense of internal strength and resilience that can help you navigate challenges and setbacks. You’re not relying on external rewards or validation to feel motivated or fulfilled, which means you’re better equipped to handle difficulties and bounce back from adversity.

Overall, motivating yourself is important because it helps you develop a sense of self-reliance, consistency, and resilience that can be invaluable in all areas of your life. When you learn to motivate yourself, you’re taking control of your own life and learning to trust yourself and your own abilities, which can lead to greater happiness, fulfillment, and success.

Luckily, there are strategies you can easily use to motivate yourself!

Make these exercises a part of your daily routine:

1. Surround yourself with positive energy.
2. Help others from the goodness of your heart.
3. Celebrate whenever you achieve a goal – large or small.
4. Love yourself. Restore the peace of mind that comes with self-acceptance.
5. Focus on smaller goals. Break your major goal into smaller, tangible goals.
6. Accept your stage in life. Your ability to accept that things happen in their own time will make you comfortable with what you’ve already achieved, while you strive for even greater success.

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