Best Frozen Beef Taquitos

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Best Frozen Beef Taquitos

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  • 1 Glass pan


  • 1 Box Great Value Frozen Beef Taquitos
  • 1 Can Old El Paso red enchiladas sauce (The big can)
  • 1 Can SW black beans
  • 1 Diced up white onion
  • Green onion To your taste
  • 1 Jar Salsa con queso
  • Pico de gallo To your taste
  • Colby jack cheese To your taste
  • Fresh cilantro To your taste and to decorate
  • Tortilla chips, restaurant style
  • Sour cream To your taste
  • Pureed avocado or Guacamole To your taste


  • Put all the frozen beef taquitos in the glass pan and pour the entire Red enchiladas sauce can.
  • Then, sprinkle all the black beans (drained) on top.
  • Add a layer of diced-up white onion.
  • Add a little bit of green onion.
  • Pour the entire jar of Salsa con Queso on top. You can spread it out or pour it and let the heat of the oven spread it, it works just fine!
  • Then, spread a layer of Pico de Gallo.
  • Add a layer of Colby Jack cheese.
  • Pick some Cilantro leaves off to decorate.
  • Put the pan in the oven at 375 °F for about 20 minutes.
  • Once you take it out from the oven let it cool off for about 10-15mins.
  • To finish it off, take a handfull of tortilla chips and crush them with your hands on top to add some crunch to the dish.
  • Take the sour cream and do a few dollops.
  • Take some pureed avocado or Guacamole and do a few dollops too.
  • And done!
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