The Art of Receiving

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art of receivingIf you are not familiar with Mama Gena, she’s a must-check-out resource!  She has this amazing perspective on all things womanly.

In a recent post, she covers the topic of our ability to receive…or should I say lack of ability.  We as women particularly have been taught to “move to the back” as she so eloquently puts it.  Her article is a great read and here are a few takeaways for me…

  • Receiving is a muscle and must be exercised to have the ability to use it.
  • Accepting compliments is so important for both parties involved.
  • Remind yourself daily how much you deserve this.
  • Gratitude is a game changer.  So are acknowledgements.  Express gratitude every day and acknowledge all the things you did accomplish, no matter how small they may seem.
  • Do good every day.
  • Take care of yourself…in a big way.


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