Texting Etiquette Where Oh Where Have You Gone?

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I know that texting hasn’t been around forever and that some might be confused about how it works but seriously, people, get a clue!  This is going to be a rant, not unlike the rant by my good friend Nicole, last fall.  I totally agreed with her points and now, this crap is really irking me in a big way and I need to vent.  Luckily, it will be short and sweet.  Here’s my biggest issue.

When you text me and I text back…


YES!  I am going to be a bit irritated, I’m not gonna lie!

Okay, not just irritated but probably down right angry. Especially, if you have a habit of doing so and we’re in the middle of a conversation via texting.  I wish I could say it didn’t bother me but I’d be lying.

I mean, come on man, would you just walk out of a room in the middle of a conversation?  Maybe you would, I don’t know, but if you did – know that it would be rude.

Would you set the phone down in the middle of a verbal conversation and just walk away?  I’d like to believe you wouldn’t.

So why would anyone ever walk away, not respond, whatever, in the middle of a text conversation?!  Tell me why?

And you know this is a problem…here’s proof…

Phone Broken





Texting Pet Peeve  940 and 317




So many cartoons…so little time.  So much proof that this is an issue and it’s not just to me.  Although, who am I kidding??  I didn’t need proof!

Please, if you are going to text – and teach your children the same thing – respond when it’s your turn to “speak.”  If you must step away, tell the person you’ll be right back or it may be a while before you can reply.  Don’t leave them hanging mid-sentence.  Don’t leave them feeling like you just walked out of a room on them.

And, perhaps, an even bigger lesson…keep texting for short and easy exchanges.  It isn’t an alternative for long walks on the beach chatting about life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

Connect over the phone or, better yet, in person.  Let them hear your voice and see your face.  Really connect.  There’s just not enough of that happening in the world.  Let’s go the extra mile today.

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