Survival Strategies for the Activist

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When I started being more vocal about how I felt on different issues, I quickly became aware of how tiring it could be.  Even just a conversation with someone regardless of the direction it was going, was exhausting.  Sometimes I found myself getting angrier and angrier.  Sometimes I found myself sad and wanting nothing more than to crawl up in a ball and never speak another word. I wasn’t just mentally exhausted but also emotionally and physically.

One of the things I had to make a bigger priority in my life, was better self-care.  I had to be sure I was getting enough sleep, eating better, moving physically.  I had to become more comfortable with taking a step back from escalating conversations and never work to change someone’s mind but rather seek to understand.  I had to increase the size of my toolbox in order to continue my journey AND be more effective doing so.

Kathy Labriola put together a wonderful post on her website with strategies to keep you moving forward…keep you fighting for what you believe in…without going crazy. Hopefully, you will find some of the strategies work well for you.