Super Human Powers

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super humanThis writing activity is sure to bring out your creative side. Imagine you could choose to have any super human power for a day. What would you choose to have as your power? Would you want to fly? Have x-ray vision? Laser beam sight? See the future? What would you do with this power? Help others? Fulfill your dreams?

If I could have super human power for one day, I would choose to be able to absorb the content in books with just a touch and remember everything I ready.  There are so many great books out there and I just don’t have the time to read them all and I think about the knowledge I possess and what life would be life if I could grow it that easily and all the people I could help, including myself.

It may not sound all that exciting to you but I’m dreaming right now about all the things I could do…how much time I could save personally an professionally if I had this ability.  How much fun I could have with all that information!  The jokes I could tell…the ease my work would come to me all the time…the garden I could grow on my deck…all the tasks I could find ways to streamline…it would be so incredible.

So what would you choose and why?

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