Got A Story Off My Chest

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This was written as a part of my journey with Jess Morrow’s Invincible Summer Writing eCourse in 2012.  I wanted to share it here with you now.

tearsi have a story i want to get off my chest
but i don’t want to share with others
i maybe would if the space and time were private
but it isn’t
it makes me sad

i hate it when relationships become awkward
i hate it when things happen that taint everything else moving forward
i wish i could just let it go
but i can’t
i really hate that
it makes me sad

one lie becomes another
one pain becomes more
one time is all it takes to destroy the trust
the trust that’s been there all along
until now
it makes me sad

i desperately want to let go
to move on
to forget
but i can’t
i’m hurt
i’m angry
i’m not sure i will ever trust again
it makes me sad

sometimes it seems foolish
i feel like i’m making a mountain out of a mole hill
maybe i am
i don’t know
it’s still my truth
it makes me sad

perhaps another day
perhaps over time
perhaps things will change
i will be able to trust again
i will no longer question everything
i will no longer see everything as a potential betrayal
i will no longer be sad


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