Seeing the BFOs in Life

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blinding lightIn the last week, I stepped away from two networking groups I was in.  I enjoyed them both and they had some really wonderful people but I had this aching feeling that I couldn’t ignore that it was time to move on.  There were many reasons that cropped up for me about why it might be time…why it might not feel right to me anymore but I knew that these reasons were coming up because I had a need to justify why I felt the way I did.  Some might have been accurate.  Some might not have but none mattered and here’s why.

I remember talking to one of my mentors, Sunny Dawn Johnston, about this a few years ago.  I was asking her why it was so difficult to tell someone no when I didn’t want to do something.  I was trying to figure out how to explain it without feeling like I was going to have someone counter-responding to all my reasons in an effort to get me to do something different.  She said to me, “Isn’t the bottom line that it just doesn’t feel right?” I told her that was correct.  She said, “Why can’t you just say that? No one can argue with how you feel. ”

BFO (Blinding Flash of Obvious) moment!

Some of us strive so hard to get in touch with those “gut feelings” we have, our intuition.  Then, when it tries to help us out, we question…we ignore…we doubt.  Life doesn’t have to be hard, especially when we check in with how things are feeling to us and trust it.

Today, I know I made the right decision about those groups because they didn’t feel right to me anymore.  The great news is I listened and acted plus I know that when we want more of something in our life, we have to clear out things that are no longer serving us to make room.  I am excited to see what will follow and I’ll be sure to share it with you.

Is there something you’ve been wanting more of? Or something new?  What are you willing to clear out today to make room?


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