Open to Receive

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Borders bookstore is having a tough time and closing several of it’s stores in Minnesota.  Borders is my favorite bookstore.  I love going in there and spending hours looking at books and doing searches on their computers for books that might be of interest to me.  Thankfully, there is still going to be one close to me but there’s a second one in Maple Grove that is closing its doors soon.  The upside of this was an opportunity to get a couple of books at a reduced price.  One of the books I came across while explore is Kick-Ass Creativity by Mary Beth Maziarz.   This book has some fun ideas for inspiring creativity and keeping your energy on track for artists, explorers, and creative professionals.

One of the little exercises is in the area of being open to receive.  Some of have a hard time receiving.  It feels uncomfortable somehow, while it should feel quite natural – as natural as giving feels.  The simple exercise involved writing an “R” on the palm of each of your hands.  The “R” is for receive, if you didn’t catch that:) I branded my palms yesterday and it was such a great reminder to staying open to receiving but something felt like it was missing.

Today, I put the “R” on my left hand, which is our receiving side.  I put a “G” on my right hand for giving, not because I don’t think I give enough, but because it’s all about flow.  We must be open to both and maintain a balance as we move through life.  Whether you use just the “R” or add the “G”, I hope today you’ll be open to receiving and appreciate the reminder to stay in the flow.

Let me know how it goes.

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