Reinvent Yourself for 2011

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It’s that time again to take a look back at what you’ve accomplished and then look forward to what you want 2011 to look like.


What did you make for 2010?  Write it down.
What did you make in 2009?  Write it down.
What did you make in 2008?  Write it down.

What did your income do from year to year?  Were there big leaps?  Little steps?  Did it go up or down?  What do you want to do in 2011?  Look at your annual income for last year?  What if that was your monthly income for 2011?  Before you start saying things like, “I could never do that.”  or “That would never happen.”  think about how incredible it would be.  What would you do with that money?  What would your life be like?

Now, begin to play around with your numbers.  Experiment with charging more or having more clients or adding on products or services that fit well with what you already do.  Find ways to work smarter not harder.  You can do it!

Physical Environment

Look at where you live, what you have in your home, how your space is decorated.  You also NEED to have a separate space for business.  Your business will grow based on how you treat it.  Are you serious about doing this?  If so, act like it.  Create a space to work in.  Set it up in a way that allows you to be productive and creative.  Treat your business like a business, not a hobby.

Also, look around your home and identify things you are tolerating.  For example, is there a pile of papers that irritate you or you think to yourself, “I should put those away.” every time you walk by?  This is wasted energy.  Pick something every day and take care of it.

Relationships, Personal and Professional

Who you surround yourself is who you become.  Also, do you have people around you who support you, what you do and who you are?  Need I say more?

Physical Appearance

Do you take pride in how you look?  Are you happy with how you look?  Do you look tired?  Do you like your hair?  Put your best foot forward.  When you look good and you know it, you project confidence and others are naturally attracted to that.


If you are in business for yourself, you need more energy.  To have more energy, you must be in good health.  Is there something with your health that you’ve been ignoring?  A change in your diet necessary?  Are you getting enough sleep?  Need to be exercising more?  What is depleting your health?  What gives you more energy?  Find something that’s fun for exercise.  It doesn’t have to feel like work.


Does the you that you are putting forward now represent the you that you are intended to be?  The successful you?  Does it represent who you are becoming or the person you used to be?  You don’t have to break the bank to change up your style.  Make small adjustments here and there.  Take a look at others that you admire and see if there is something about their style that you really like that would be easy to implement.


This area is really important.  You need to rejuvenate.  Do things that bring you joy.

Who Are You Being?

To live the life you desire, who do you need to be?  Confident?  Patient?  Productive?  Focused?  Compassionate?  Motivated?  Resourceful?  You will notice on your list that some of the things you identify are actually practices that need to be put into place such as being more focused.  Pick one or two and look at ways you can bring more of these qualities into your life every day.  Once you’ve mastered those, pick another one.

Write down thing that are bothering you or you are tolerating in the areas of income, health, environment, relationships, etc.




Pick something to take care of now.

Write down things that bring you joy and qualities you need to be the person you want to be.




What are you going to bring into your life first?

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