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prosperity bloomsThis fall we offered our first prosperity ecourse through Be Inspired University.  We had 32 participants join together for 30 days of prompts, exercises, and great conversation.  The prompts were all centered around living a life of prosperity and geared towards identifying areas in your life where there may be some blocks as well as really enjoying thinking about the areas you may really excel at.  Everyone was in a different place and went through the course in a way that worked for them.  Because there were options available for how you could work with the prompts, there was something for everyone.

My favorite part was hearing all the stories in our private Facebook group.  Sharing their challenges, their successes, their artwork.  I feel like a real community was started there.  A community of individuals, maneuvering through life, sharing with one another beautiful stories of their life.

The sense of community created when I teach these courses is one of my top loves.  I so enjoy seeing people connect with each other.

Prosperity is also a topic near and dear to my heart.  Many of us have had experiences in our life that have created beliefs that hold us back.  Prosperity isn’t just about money.  It’s about the flow of your life.   Do you trust in your journey?  Do you believe you can have everything you ever dreamed of and more?  Is your life full of people who are positive and lift you up whenever they are around?  These are just a few of the things prosperity is all about.

Even though most of my business is centered around branding and marketing for creative professionals, I feel strongly that until we release the nasty blocks that hold us back, no amount of branding and marketing will get your business where you want it to go…where it could go.  So let’s give it all we’ve got and explore prosperity together!

How prosperous are you?  What holds you back the most?  Are you ready to have a full life?  To be successful?

Be sure to comment here and share with your peeps through the social share links available on this page.  I can’t wait to hear how things are going for you.

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