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sun in handsA guest post from Belinda Rose. A big thank you for sharing herself with us. Please be sure to check out her site using the links below.

In the metaphysical world, much has been written on the subject of prosperity or supply but still many do not fully understand this deeply spiritual subject. Supply is so often thought to mean the material things of life…property, transportation, investments, business and the big one, money. But this is not what supply is. These material things are just the out-picturing or the products of supply. Many in metaphysics, mistakenly try to demonstrate supply through affirmations and denials losing the way yet again to truly finding their supply. However, from this premise we are actually stating, I-have-not and acknowledging a sense of separation from the Divine, which embodies our good and our completeness. It must be understood, that there is nothing we must do to demonstrate supply, for we don’t bring supply to us but instead are releasing the supply that dwells within forth from us.

To begin to find our supply we must rise above the material sense of the world and go within to the world of Spirit. When inner contact is made with the Divine Presence within, the “imprisoned splendor” is released! We go within our being seeking the realization that it is the God-Self, the Christ within that is my Source. My supply is the consciousness of the Presence of God within me. For in the realization of the Truth, “I and my Father are one,” we can rest knowing all that is necessary is being provided for our fulfillment. The Divine Consciousness,the unfailing, infinite Source of unlimited Abundance is individualized and expressing as you and me. Now we begin to understand the Divine Presence I AM is the Source and Substance and Activity of all my good. In this awareness are we completely fulfilled and that is expressed as all form and every experience externally.

While the realization of the Presence of the Divine within, is the highest level of demonstration that can be made, for every level of consciousness there are ways to begin opening the flow of abundance into our lives. Many times our supply is blocked by our ingratitude, lack of love, and failing to share and give to others. We must develop a consciousness of ‘giving’ instead of ‘getting’. When we open up our hearts and give, share, love and practice gratitude for all things we are acknowledging the belief that abundance is infinite. It is important to understand, the act of giving of ourselves and our material possessions freely must be done impersonally, not just to family and friends. The realization that we can never give more than we have for what we have is an infinite supply from within, begins to open the way for our own abundance to flow freely.

Prosperity is a reflection of our inner world…our level of spiritual consciousness. As within, so without. The greater our awareness of the Presence of God within us, the more fulfillment and abundance we will find in all areas of our lives. To begin to open the way for abundance to flow into your life, take time daily to go within, sitting quietly in the Silence seeking only to know the Divine Presence. Let go of all thoughts of the outside world. Do not go into the Silence seeking any ‘thing’. Seek only to know that Divine Presence within that loves and cares for you in every way. As you feel His Spirit alive within you and your heart fills with love, send this divine love out into the world, not just to your loved ones. Remember to stay in a place of gratitude for all things in your life, especially the little things. Begin to open your heart to share, love and give to all on your path. Giving and sharing financially is important but it can also be as simple as a gesture or kind word or deed. As we open our hearts in this manner, we are allowing the Divine Consciousness that we are one with, to flow out from us, thus creating a flow for prosperity and abundance in our own lives. Our awareness has shifted from thoughts of lack or the idea that money or material things are supply, to the limitless, infinite Divine Source within. The burden of worry and struggling has been lifted, and we can now with confidence, let go and let God appear as the abundant all sufficiency in our lives.
Belinda Rose

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