Creating Engaging eCourses – Share Your Passion Online


Share your passion online + make $$$$ doing it!  Early bird price good through April 10th.  See details below.

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Share your passion online + make $$$$ doing it!

An awesome ecourse allows you to…

  • Inspire your participants
  • Build community and connection
  • Fine-tune your niche/expand your brand
  • Monetize the knowledge you possess
  • Position yourself as an expert
  • Do something unique to set yourself apart
  • Give back to your tribe

Have you got a great idea for a course that would be fun to do online? Maybe its one you’ve been doing in person and are ready to reach a more global market.

Maybe it’s an idea you’ve been dreaming of implementing but just weren’t sure where to begin.

You know what you are passionate about, you have solutions to the problems your clients experience and you are ready to share!

Perhaps, this is all new to you. Maybe you’ve been watching others lead ecourses/online programs or even participated in a few and thought, “I wish I could do that.”

Teaching online is different than teaching in person. It’s more challenging to engage people. You often don’t get the feedback you need to know how its going. You need a whole new set of teaching tools!

This course will get you started on the perfect platform.


You’ll be able to share the awesome content you’ve worked so hard to create and deliver it right to your participants’ inboxes. This option saves you time, money and stress by allowing you to take the most common platform for delivery and make it happen quickly.

I want to share my own success with you so that YOU can be successful, too!

Here’s what Joan Steffend had to say about working with Michele:

I had the pleasure of brainstorming, planning, and successfully pulling off a first-ever ‘seminar for seekers’ with Michele. She proved herself to be an organized, people-oriented visionary with the wide range of skills you need for a big project like we undertook!

Why let me teach you how to create and deliver and awesome ecourse?

  • I’ve been teaching – in-person and online – for over 20 years and I absolutely love it.
  • I’m passionate about living an inspired life and I want to help you share yours.
  • I’m a researcher and techie by nature, so I’ve done all the leg work to find the best and easiest resources and strategies for you.
  • My ecourses routinely deliver an engagement rate of up to 80% (the standard is 20%), which means more connection for you and your students through tried and true methods.
  • I love to make learning FUN, so we’ll have a blast together!

Here’s what Cindy Mihalko, Owner of Easy Solution Greeting Cards, had to say about this course:

Taking the “Creating an Engaging eCourse” is worth every penny, and you can recoup your class fee. I took this class, so I could create my own course, to help my clients and team members get motivated and receive personal and detailed training. I also share tips and tricks and provide other bonuses through a contest. My favorite benefits of the course include going at my own pace, doing it when and where I’m comfortable, adds an additional income stream, fewer phone calls, fewer emails and less travel! It’s a fun and easy way to share knowledge, as a certified trainer and business owner.

In this course, we’ll cover:

  • planning your course
  • setting up all the little details to deliver your course
  • creating your course content
  • how to add activities and other tools to help your participants soak in the content
  • pricing your course
  • effectively launching your course
  • promoting your course to your posse and beyond
  • engaging your community during the course
  • providing extra value to your participants
  • ways to handle all those little issues that may pop up – from technology issues to customer requests
  • how to re-purpose your content once it’s complete, giving you additional ways to make money and build your list!

YOU CAN’T GO WRONG! Here’s why…

  • You’ll earn your investment in this ecourse back the FIRST time you offer your ecourse! WOW!
  • PLUS, you get feedback and support from me for 4 weeks*! You can’t go wrong with me by your side!

Here’s what Val Medeiros, the Soul Talker, had to say:

Two things are certain…this community is always FUN and you always LEARN something through Michele.

Are you ready to sign up? Are you ready to share your passion? Are you ready to make a little moola?

Here’s what Julie Geigle, owner of Heaven Sent Healing, had to say about this course:

I am super glad I took the eCourse. I wasn’t going to because I had already run an eCourse on my own (meditation challange) but spirit said SIGN UP and so I did and now I’m glad I listened!!! It helped me sort through my ideas so I could bring it all together into a finished product. The guidance along the way from Michele, as well as the group, was the most valuable component. Thank you for the eCourse and helping me take my business to the next level – global!


  • Course runs: 4 weeks, April 20th-May 10th
  • Course will be delivered via email
  • Our community will have a private Facebook group for connecting.

Let’s make your success it happen!

*Support is provided via the Be Inspired U Facebook Group through the course as well as an additional 4 weeks after the course ends.