Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good (Emergent Strategy)

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Recommended Books

“We are socialized to see what is wrong, missing, off, to tear down the ideas of others and uplift our own. To a certain degree, our entire future may depend on learning to listen, listen without assumptions or defenses.” ~ Adrienne Maree Brown

Pleasure ActivismThis is definitely a book you will need time to digest.  It’s a great one to add to your library of self-care resources to visit concepts for years to come. Lots of food for thought!  The freer you feel to experience pleasure in your life without shame, guilt or fear of repercussion is a true indicator of how free you actually are.  Whether it’s the constraints of your family, your friends, your colleagues, society, etc. that is holding you back from experience complete and utter joy; it’s time to let go and get your happy on.

From Amazon:

“How do we make social justice the most pleasurable human experience? How can we awaken within ourselves desires that make it impossible to settle for anything less than a fulfilling life? Editor adrienne maree brown finds the answer in something she calls “Pleasure Activism,” a politics of healing and happiness that explodes the dour myth that changing the world is just another form of work.”

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