Paint a Rock

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This creative activity is great for helping develop strength. You can approach this exercise in two ways. You can choose to paint the rock with things that empower you, or you can select to paint the rock with struggles you would like to overcome.  Don’t have paint?  How about some Sharpie markers?

After you have chosen which approach you would like to take. Go outdoors and find your rock. Let your intuition guide you to the correct rock.

Once you have your rock picked out, you will need paints, they can be acrylic, oil, or even permanent markers work. You may choose to paint words, faces, or designs; there is no limit on the creative process when creating your rock art.

When you are finished you can use your rock as a reminder to your triumphs. They make great paper weights. I use mine as a tool that reminds me to  “ground” myself each day.

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