Orange is the Happiest Color

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orange happy colorThis year I joined a Creative Color Challenge being offered by Louis Gale.  It’s my first time although she has offered it in the past.  I love the idea of once a month creating something using one color palette (plus black and/or white if desired).  It’s simple, yet powerful.  January’s color is orange.  Any shade of orange is fine and this one specifically highlighted Tangerine Tango, a Pantone color and the color of the year.  This color is the reddish orange you see in some areas of my image and not a color I can WEAR but it looks great in artwork.  Its alive and fun and makes me feel energized and ready to tackle something new.  Its simply delicious.

Even though I do design work, I am new to the world of digital design in terms of art journaling.  I also started an online course in digital art journaling this month through Jessica Sprague.  This image was done in Photoshop with a combination of scrapbook papers, scrapbook elements, Photoshop brushes, and text.  It was a lot of fun to create.  I’m looking forward to seeing what all the others do with orange, the happiest color, according to Frank Sinatra (and me).


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